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House Cleaning

We  clean lighting fixtures and ceiling fans, vacuum blinds and window treatments as well as vacuum sofas and chairs, clean behind and under all movable furniture and vacuum all baseboards and wood work, damp wipe if necessary, sweep and hand clean all non-carpeted floors and vacuum all carpeted areas including steps.


Moving in | Moving out Cleaning 

Moving your entire life from one place to another is a busy time for anyone. With professional cleaning services available through De La Vega Cleaning, we clean your home the way you would if you had the time.

After Painting Cleaning

Post-Construction Clean-Up:

Now that the construction is finished, the real clean up can start. After painting there is always a mess, we can help with the clean up so you can start enjoying your renovation as soon as possible.

Painting Wall

Deep Cleaning

Our Deep Cleaning service, provides an exceptional corner to corner housework that includes: dusting, vacuuming, and mopping in addition to bathrooms and kitchen deep-cleaning. Furniture will be moved in order to access special dust accumulation spots. 

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Shampoo Carpet

There is no project that is too big or too small for our team. We aim to provide you with the best service and ensure that you and your needs always come first. With a professional and trustworthy staff, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Power Washing Cleaning

If you’ve got years of built up dirt, grime, algae and mildew on your home then you know that your home is probably due for a good cleaning. Whether we’re washing the outside of your home, garage or patio, you can count on us using the right techniques to clean your property safely.

Pressure Washer on Stairs

Services Details

Vacant Houses or Business Cleaning

If you are moving in or out of your house or business, we can help you. Vacant homes and businesses will be made ready for new occupants.


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  • Countertops

  • Sinks

  • Appliances

  • Stove (everything movable)

  • Microwave (in/out)

  • Oven (outside)

  • Refrigerator (top/front)

  • Window (over sink)

  • Floor washed

Alternating Tasks:

  • Furniture vacuumed

  • Leather furniture (light cleaning)

  • Baseboards dusted

  • Kitchen Cabinets polished


  • Showers (tile, tracks, doors)

  • Toilets

  • Basins

  • Tubs

  • Vanity Tops

  • Mirrors

  • Metal Fixtures

  • Floors washed



  • Furniture dusted/polished

  • Light fixtures and miniblinds dusted

  • Window sills

  • Mirrors

  • Carpets vacuumed

  • Floors washed

  • Cobwebs removed

  • Fingerprints cleaned

  • Trash emptied

  • Ceiling fans dusted

Available Tasks (extra charge)

  • Refrigerator (inside)

  • Oven (inside)

  • Windows and screens washed

  • Leather furniture (deep cleaning)

  • Artificial flower care

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